Path: History.txt
Last Update: Mon Dec 29 08:19:23 +1000 2008

1.2.3 2008-12-29

  • ‘rake features’ uses —format progress now
  • bump rubigen to 1.5.1

1.2.2 2008-12-27

  • Added USAGE file to install_cucumber generator so it shows up in lists of available generators
  • Some improvements to common.rb

1.2.1 2008-12-15

  • Fixed ‘uninitialized constant NewgemGenerator::Newgem’ bug [14]
  • Fixed some cucumber steps after rubigen refactoring

1.2.0 2008-12-11

  • Newgem + RubiGen are Ruby 1.9.1 compliant.

1.1.0 2008-11-11

  • Support for ~/.newgem.yml file for default CLI arguments
    • Example content: `default: -T rspec -i cucumber`
  • executable and extconf generators will create specs or tests depending on what you are using in your RubyGems
  • executable generator: test/spec files give more useful starting point with a StringIO passed into CLI.execute(stdout, args)
  • ‘rake manifest’ instead of ‘rake manifest:refresh’ [was actually released in 1.0.7]

1.0.7 2008-11-08

  • Removed ‘rake local_deploy’ and changed website to reference ‘rake install_gem’ for same purpose [fixed 9]
  • Fixed —version option (+ added cucumber scenario) [fixed 8]
  • Cleaned up the common.rb steps

1.0.6 2008-11-05

  • Removed cucumber references in newgem’s Rakefile, hopefully fixing 7

1.0.5 2008-11-01

  • Oops, fixed cucumber dependency from 1.1.8 to 0.1.8

1.0.4 2008-11-01

  • Hard-coded cucumber >= 0.1.8 dependency to avoid accidently requiring unreleased versions that are only in development
  • local tasks/*.rake are loaded in generated gems
  • install_cucumber: adds a development.feature to check that gem building can succeed
  • cleaned up some require statements to explicitly load code from local src not an installed gem
  • rake default => [:test, :features] - for continuous integration via runcoderun.com

1.0.3 2008-10-31

  • GitHub RubyGem support. `rake gemspec` generates a clean `my_project.gemspec` file that will work with GitHub
  • update plain theme to a peppermint green colour; updated newgem’s own website to same theme

1.0.2 2008-10-30

  • Lighthouse Project created for tickets/suggestions: drnic.lighthouseapp.com/projects/18881-newgem
  • newgem no longer generates a website by default; use -w to create one; or -i website; or script/generate install_website
  • dev dependency on latest cucumber gem
  • no requirement for cucumber gem to be installed [fixes 1]
  • hoe is patched and cached within newgem so that README.* is supported [fixes 5]
  • rake-automated patching of hoe.rb from patches/hoe/*.patch

1.0.1 2008-10-28

  • Fix up readme + post-install notices based on 1.0.0 changes [thx Tomasz Muras]
  • Remove old rails cucumber generator cruft from env.rb
  • Clean up some feature/steps

1.0.0 2008-10-21

  • Yay for 1.0.0 of New Gem Generator!
  • massive overhaul of Hoe definition and rake tasks
    • config/hoe.rb is gone, a more condensed version is back in Rakefile
    • config/dependencies.rb is gone, this functionality is now supported by RubyGems 1.2’s dev dependency mechanism
    • generated gems no longer have generated tasks; rather they reuse those in newgem itself
    • to override a task, use the help method remove_task
    • Hoe declaration is more concise and reuses the available defaults by Hoe
    • No more wacky CONSTANTS in hoe declaration; reusing $hoe to access these values
    • no more version.rb; the VERSION constant is in lib/gemname.rb
  • install_website: uses a config/website.yml for username/host/remote_dir (defaults to rubyforge)
  • Removed install_rspec_stories which was superseded by install_cucumber

0.29.0 2008-10-18

  • execute generator uses a lib/appname/cli.rb file
  • basic feature descriptions for newgem and executable generators

0.28.0 2008-10-17

  • Cucumber support: install_cucumber generator, and features generator for cucumber scope

0.27.0 2008-09-20

  • Remove License.txt as its contents are in README (newgem + generator)
  • RedCloth dependency - changed to new 4.0.0 version which is apparently new a shiny + fast
  • Load RubyForge autoconfig correctly
  • Integrate twitter search for ‘newgem’ on website

0.26.0 2008-06-21 NEVER RELEASED

  • README.rdoc is the name of generated and internal README root files, since github makes them look pretty
  • RedCloth dependency - changed to =3.0.3 as 3.0.4 is dodgy apparently [Roger Pack]

0.25.0 2008-06-19

  • newgem: added —project option to allow a different Rubyforge [Yossef Mendelssohn]
  • newgem: README contains generated year + name for license section [Yossef Mendelssohn]
  • updated copyright in license

0.24.0 2008-06-17

  • Refactored generated tests into install_test_unit, so rspec users don’t get test folder
  • Cleaned up —simple and added task for generating gemspec file (for github) [Yehuda Katz]

0.23.2 2008-05-06

  • removed :nodoc: from version.rb’s module [Steven Parkes]
  • upgraded rubigen dependency to 1.3.0

0.23.1 2008-04-17

  • Added explicit instruction to edit ~/.rubyforge/user-config.yml in PostInstall.txt

0.23.0 2008-04-17

  • generated website/index.txt has customised rubyforge/github/gitorious information for git
  • installing newgem now displays a post-install message (from PostInstall.txt)
  • uses github_username value from .rubyforge/user-config.yml
  • moved EXTRA_DEPENDENCIES to top of config/hoe.rb
  • websites/*.txt are processed as ERB templates

0.22.2 2008-04-07

  • Cleaned up the REV cmd [Sascha Teske]
  • Replaced hardcoded rspec values done in a hurry at RubyFools with parameterised values [Alsak Hellesoy]

0.22.1 2008-04-05

  • moved the ‘by Daniel Cadenas’ reference to the correct template.rhtml
  • renamed template.rhtml -> template.html.erb in gem + generators
  • fixed broken install_rspec_stories test

0.22.0 2008-04-03

  • script/console - irb/console for your gem under development [Orion]

0.21.0 2008-04-03

  • New Generator: install_rspec_stories for rubygems
  • module.rb - more advanced $:.unshift sequence/cmd

0.20.1 2008-03-30

  • extconf generator
    • creates test/test_#{name}_extn.rb test file
    • creates .autotest file for *.c -> test/test_*_extn.rb
    • failed compilation destroyes *.o/so/bundle/dll files so tests fail too
    • USAGE has docco on files to ignore in SCM + hoe
  • requirements.rb no longer loads main lib file; no idea why it did it before

0.20.0 2008-03-30

  • extconf generator - for C-extensions
  • Hoe instance stored in $hoe so can be accessed from tasks/*.rake

0.19.1 2008-03-27

  • rspec “rake spec” supports spec/**/*_spec.rb search now [Steven Parkes]

0.19.0 2008-03-25

  • Added newgem_theme long_box_theme [Daniel Cadenas]

0.18.0 2008-03-14

  • Upgraded generated/local README.txt for latest hoe

0.17.1 2008-02-20

  • remove options from ‘env ruby’ in newgem bin

0.17.0 2008-02-03

  • Updated generated config/hoe.rb for latest hoe 1.5 requirements
  • Added #!/usr/bin/env ruby line to bin/newgem
  • Fixed docco for -T option (was ’-t’ in docco) [uploaded on 2008-1-3]

0.16.1 2007-11-13

  • Oops, removed .git* from the hoe clean list as that blows away the .git folder...

0.16.0 2006-11-11

  • Added a newgem_simple_generator to support the creation of a skinny gem skeleton [thx wycats]
  • Added ’.git*’ to default list of ignored files by hoe
  • Cleaned the history join string to make proper n instead of n
  • Checked in empty_log as empty.log was being ignored by svn

0.15.0 2007-11-05

  • Promoted ‘application_generator’ and ‘component_generator’ to Rubigen

from NewGem project (they are available even if newgem not installed)

0.14.2 2007-11-03

  • Application generator inserts scopes passed in at cmd line, not app name
  • Generated gems have default testing scope: test_unit

0.14.1 2007-10-18

  • Added manifest:refresh rake task to recreate Manifest.txt with all files
  • Corrected the generated readme for application generators

0.14.0 2007-10-14

  • application_generator includes the install_rubigen_scripts generator
  • if website included, no “overwrite tasks/website.rake“ questions
  • Update to docco for rubigen-based output [thx Noah Gibbs]
  • Fixed website dir location if gem name + project name differ [thx Noah Gibbs]

0.13.5 2007-09-07

  • rake tasks use rubyforge_username instead of RUBYFORGE_USERNAME constant

0.13.4 2007-09-07

  • Running “newgem .” in a trunk, branches, or tags folder will look in parent folder for gem_name
  • Added missing win_script.cmd for install_website generator [thx sutch]
  • Upgrade rubigen == 1.0.4

0.13.3 2007-09-02

  • Clean up newgem_gen usage statement
  • website generated by default, -W to turn off, -w is no longer an option

0.13.2 2007-08-22

  • Upgrade rubigen dependency to 1.0.3 to pushout upgrade

0.13.1 2007-08-22

  • Re-release as there seemed to be an incorrect Rakefile in 0.13.0
  • Added :newgem as a source for destroy script
  • application_generator
    • test.rb passes APP_ROOT as parameter instead of a name, as APP_ROOT is already …/myproject
    • add BASE_DIRs for a clean list of required folders
  • plain_theme_generator
    • Renamed from plain_generator

0.13.0 2007-08-20

  • HIGHLIGHT - RubiGen integration - using a Rails-like generator
    • Now, each RubyGem has script/generate to access Rails-like generators too!!!
    • newgem can be run ontop of existing RubyGems and all is not destroyed!
    • Various included generators (application_generator, component_generator)
    • Website creation is now a generator, and is optionally included via newgem -w
    • Rspec support is now a generator, and is optionally included via newgem -t rspec
    • JRuby support is now a generator, and is optionally included via newgem -j
    • The Rakefile is now <5 lines - all config is in config/hoe.rb
  • Generated gems:
    • Started to add jruby specific features (-j option)
      • Gems named xxx-1.2.3-jruby.gem
      • Includes: require ‘java’
    • Add link to website for Using New Gem on Windows (without cygwin) [thx Jorge Cangas]
    • index.txt “email me” now refers to forum url as well
  • NewGem
    • An error message is shown if Hoe gem isn’t available when running rake on the gem
    • Lots of tasks refactored into /tasks folder
  • How To UPGRADE
    • NOTE: We’ve never had a “How to Upgrade” before! :)
    • Copy your Rakefile to Rakefile.old (to retain your configuration)
    • Run: newgem .
    • Press ‘a’ to allow all changes.
    • Open config/hoe.rb
    • Replace this with the equivalent lines/details from Rakefile.old
    • Test all is well with “rake -T” and “rake check_manifest“ (the manifest should have been rebuilt by ‘newgem .’)

0.12.0 2007-06-24

  • 2 major enhancement
  • 1 minor enhancement
    • -V option shows current newgem version [thx Gert Goet]
    • Hoe#extra_deps permanently changes @extra_deps [thx MIYAMUKO Katsuyuki]
  • Dev improvements
    • Imports svn_branch for svn rake tasks
  • Minor website changes
    • Added link to Topfunky’s tutorial on Hoe


  • 1 major enhancement
    • Create trunk/branches/tags subfolders using -s/—svn option
  • 6 minor enhancements
    • Added dependency to activesupport gem
    • Modified spec.rb template for new rpec syntax (describe “…” { it “…” }) [thx Aslak Helles√ły]
    • Added ‘email.txt’ to the CLEAN list to be removed on ‘rake clean’
    • Added —delete-excluded to the rsync command [thx Jeroen Janssen]
    • On template: “Version” is in


    • Specified CLEAN is added/or‘d with default Hoe clean_globs (via |=)
  • 1 website enhancement
    • Refreshed the example output as its a big old (CHANGELOG -> History.txt)
    • Removed the “click anywhere” javascript in version box - it was playing up with the link to the book

0.10.4 2007-06-02

  • 2 minor enhancement
    • website_upload now ignores .svn files [Thx Jeroen Janssen]
    • website/index.txt includes link to “8 steps to fix other ppls code” and a default svn URL
  • 1 website enhancement
    • Link to “Beginning Ruby” as it features this gem [Thx Peter Cooper for the plug] - its an affiliate amazon link so I can make $$$ and retire to Fiji

0.10.3 2007-05-25

  • 1 major enhancement
    • rspec test framework now works via ‘spec’ task [Jeroen Janssen]
  • 3 minor improvement
    • For rspec gems, default task => spec task
    • Generated rakefile checks for existance of rspec gem else shows how to get it
    • The require statement in the lib/.rb file now uses lowercase project name [Jeroen Janssen]

0.10.2 2007-05-25

  • 3 major enhancements
    • Generated Rakefile only attempts to discover username from ~/.rubyforge/user-config.yml when its required [thx Jeroen Janssen]
    • Helpful error message produced if ‘rubyforge setup’ never run
    • Fixed the REV algorithm for subversion [thx Robert Berger]
  • 2 minor enhancement
    • Copied index.txt into README.txt - it looks crap, but at least there is content
    • Generated Rakefile was missing a \

0.10.1 2007-05-24

  • 4 minor enhancements
    • Fixed the generation of test files in the manifest
    • Generated rakefiledeploy prompts user to do svn tag
    • Renamed README -> README.txt to conform to new hoe change
    • Changed History.txt markup (+++ => ==; + => *) [Thx Jeroen Janssen]
  • 1 dependency update:
  • Still being worked on:
    • Gems using rspec include a spec task to run all spec tests; currently tests aren’t working.

0.10.0 2007-05-19

  • 3 major enhancements
          * can generate rspec default tests (or still test::unit tests) using --with-test=rspec [thx Robby Russell]
    • fetches your full name and email from ~/.rubyforge/user-config.yml (add keys user_name and email)
  • 2 minor enhancements
    • Generated lib/#{gem_name}.rb includes an empty module
    • Generated lib/#{gem_name}.rb does not include “require all”, instead you do it manually for each included file

0.9.4 2007-05-18

  • 5 minor enhancements
          * Pass your full name into the generator to be inserted into License.txt, index.txt, Rakefile etc
    • ‘Licence’ => ‘License’ (thx Peter Burns)
    • Generates a blank index.html so that ‘rake package’ works straight away
    • Includes :local_deploy which does tasks :website_generate and :install_gem
    • License.txt generated * this gem has a License.txt file (MIT license)

0.9.3 20/4/2007

  • 1 minor enhancement
    • Added ‘deploy’ task that generates website AND release new gem
  • 1 website fix
    • Fixed download link

0.9.2 18/4/2007

  • 1 minor improvement:
    • Generated apps include a “require ‘rubygems’ line at the top“
  • 1 website fix
    • Notes that the index.txt file includes Dr Nic details, not their own.[FIXME!!]

0.9.1 16/4/2007

  • 1 bugfix:
    • I thoughtfully added an extra line (commented out) for sending the website to a subfolder... it caused grief at the 13th hour

0.9.0 12/4/2007

  • 3 major enhancements:
    • Includes a basic website template, with rake tasks for generation and upload to rubyforge
    • Generates a History.txt file, and automatically uses it in Hoe task
    • Generated applications include framework for supporting command line options
  • 3 minor enhancements:
    • Include History.txt in this gem
    • test files ordered correctly in generated Manifest.txt
    • no blank line in Manifest.txt if no bin apps


  • Generated test file’s class name now prefixed with Test, instead of suffixed


  • Uses hoe itself - less hypocritical
  • Generated test files use name ‘test_.rb’ instead of ’_test.rb’ to support
  • ZenTest’s autotest expectations of naming. Manifest updated too.